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Wording Art is an art blog based in Singapore, sharing views on art history, artworks, artists, exhibitions, events, and other related topics. Wording Art hopes to share the love for art and make art accessible to everyone!


About Me

I’m Ellice Wu, and I first started Wording Art as a personal art blog following my newfound love for art history in university, and to share my experiences seeking out art. I completed an Art History major along with two other minors in China Studies and Korean Studies at the University of Hong Kong, and I’m currently pursuing my PhD in art history at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore.

The name of this art blog, Wording Art, is inspired from the first time I read about art. I remember reading about the artworks mentioned in the books, viewed through the lens of the characters. They sounded amazing. After I was done reading them, I went to look up the artworks and I was well, surprised by how they looked. They were, based on what I had read, completely different from how I thought they would look like!

It’s fascinating to think that an artwork only contains one image, but the way I would describe it, perceive it, interpret it, and understand it could be totally different from someone else. There’s always so much to be said about art. I hope that this space can initiate a conversation among all other art lovers, or anyone interested in knowing more about art!

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