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    Peder Severin Krรธyer, Roses

    Turning to (More) Art Online

    How are you doing? During these times, I have been (and everyone else too!) asking this question with all sincerity. With ‘staying home’ being the new norm for an indefinite period of time for many of us, I’d admit that these last few months have been difficult in transitioning, and my mood and productivity has been going all haywire.

    I chose this cover picture above of Roses (1893) by Peder Severin Krรธyer, which I discovered from reading Women Who Read Are Dangerous, as I thought it’s a great illustration of the home-ly, sheltered lives we have been living in now โ€” lucky for you if you have a gorgeous rose garden like the one pictured! I’ve had this image as my desktop wallpaper since I got my new computer last August, and I love it for its calm peacefulness. In the same way, I wanted to share some art content that I have been checking out recently that has brought both entertainment and reprieve during these times!

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    Lucy Liu, Velocity

    Art of 2019

    Happy 2020! I’m still in that in-between phase where I can’t believe it’s a new year (and decade!) and still in my holiday mode, but I know it’s time to get things moving for the year ahead! Before going into a brand new year of art, I wanted to do a roundup of all the exhibitions I went to in 2019!

    | Cover picture: Lucy Liu, Velocity (one side), 2001, mixed media on canvas |

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    Introducing Wording Art Prints | Shop Now on Etsy!

    I’m so excited to finally write about my new venture: Wording Art Prints! This blog has always been about finding art in the everyday and sharing about it on this platform. With Wording Art Prints, I wanted to bring art into your everyday with original art prints that you can frame and view in your homes, work places, or on your own art wall.

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    i Light 2019 | Bicentennial Edition

    The 2019 edition of i Light came in theme with the Singapore Bicentennial, with a much expanded area spanning Marina Bay, all the way to Fort Canning. I mostly kept to the Marina Bay area since I couldn’t muster the energy to walk all the way to Fort Canning (where the thick of the Bicentennial activities is still ongoing). Generally, I found this year’s outing just so-so.

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    Minimalism at ArtScience Museum

    Minimalism at ArtScience Museum | Asian Influences

    I’d visited this Minimalism exhibition before seeing the main show at National Gallery Singapore, and the presentation of Minimalism at both places were quite different. Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. at ArtScience Museum focuses on Asian philosophies and its influences on Minimalist art, with references to Zen Buddhism and Chinese Maximalism. Overall, I found it a very quiet and calming exhibition, which I definitely think is a first for me.

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