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    teamLab Part II | Elsewhere Around Singapore

    Here we are with the second part of this teamLab series on the blog, dedicated to their shows around Singapore! The previous post was about teamLab’s exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore, while this post features teamLab at other locations around Singapore: ArtScience Museum, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and National Museum of Singapore.

    I didn’t realise how popular teamLab’s works were until I returned to Singapore and noticed how much teamLab I was encountering in exhibitions or by accident on the street (see: MBS below!) Beyond the whole ‘Instagrammable’ factor, I think there’s something about their immersive ‘room art’ as I call it – should this be a new category of art? ;) – that appeals to our generation today. Another example of  popular ‘room art’ would be Yayoi Kusama’s, am I right?

    | Cover Picture: A Story of the Time When Gods were Everywhere |

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    teamLab | National Gallery Singapore edition

    With the opening of the incredibly popular Mori Building Digital Art Museum teamLab Borderless in Tokyo last month, the world’s first digital art museum and teamLab’s very own museum dedicated to all of their digital installations, I thought it would be fitting to share some of teamLab’s works that I have been seeing in Singapore!

    This post features their works that I saw at National Gallery Singapore this year and the last, but there are also more of their digital art on display around town, which I’ll be sharing in another post.

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    Latte Art | The Only Destructible Art

    It’s been a year and two weeks since I moved back to Singapore. Seems so crazy to me that time has passed back so quickly, and in looking back on what I’ve done over the past year, one thing kept popping up in my camera roll: lattes!

    With lattes, what’s important is not just the coffee, but also the latte art, isn’t it? It’s probably the most accessible form of art that everyone likes, yet it came to me that it’s also probably the only art that you’d want to destruct, after all the photos have been taken.

    After visiting a couple of cafes in Singapore with various latte art designs, I had plenty of photos to share of latte art, which I thought would be nice to commemorate my one year back in Singapore. :)

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    Art from the Streets | Into the Museum

    A museum exhibition of street art – that’s really something different from what you usually see. I first saw street art in Hong Kong around the Sai Ying Pun and Tai Ping Shan area (see this handy tag here!), which is definitely a more likely choice to see graffiti than in Singapore! ‘Art from the Streets’ at my ever-favourite ArtScience Museum is however, a surprising display of works from some of the biggest names among street artists.

    The great thing about this exhibition is that you can see works from a range of street artists all in one place, saving the trouble of trekking across sloping streets to hunt down street art (yes, I’m referring to HKwalls at Tai Ping Shan!) But beyond arguments of the ‘institutionalisation’ of street art by showing them as museum exhibits, or losing the site-specificity of these works, I think that there is something about the dynamic nature of these works that belong solely to the streets, which is lost when placed within a museum setting.

    | Cover picture: Futura, Spray paint on concert background, 1982, spray paint on canvas |

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    Prospect and Refuge | In Architecture, Art and in Life

    I first read about this term ‘Prospect and Refuge’ a few years back, and I’d always planned to put it up as a post title but haven’t gotten the right post to go along with it. Things have moved pretty quickly, I feel, since moving back to Singapore from Hong Kong last June, and then it was a whirl of re-exploring, getting used to living in this bright and sunny city again, landing my first job, heading back to Hong Kong for my graduation, thinking and then thinking some more about future plans, to the point that I suddenly realise that it’s been almost a year since I’ve been back in Singapore.

    I currently find myself in a spot of free time that inadvertently came along unplanned, which leaves me feeling a little unsettled since I always want to know what direction I’m moving in. But, for now, I am enjoying this break, and I’m trying to make time to pursue my interests, and it feels nice to have this pause to think back on the past year.

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