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    i Light 2019 | Bicentennial Edition

    The 2019 edition of i Light came in theme with the Singapore Bicentennial, with a much expanded area spanning Marina Bay, all the way to Fort Canning. I mostly kept to the Marina Bay area since I couldn’t muster the energy to walk all the way to Fort Canning (where the thick of the Bicentennial activities is still ongoing). Generally, I found this year’s outing just so-so.

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    Minimalism at ArtScience Museum

    Minimalism at ArtScience Museum | Asian Influences

    I’d visited this Minimalism exhibition before seeing the main show at National Gallery Singapore, and the presentation of Minimalism at both places were quite different. Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. at ArtScience Museum focuses on Asian philosophies and its influences on Minimalist art, with references to Zen Buddhism and Chinese Maximalism. Overall, I found it a very quiet and calming exhibition, which I definitely think is a first for me.

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    Minimalism at NGS | Maxed Out Galleries

    Minimalism: Space. Light. Object. at National Gallery Singapore and ArtScience Museum ended about 2 weeks ago, and I am finally getting around to sharing my exhibition review. I actually visited the exhibition all the way back in December 2018, so yes, I do wonder where all the time has gone!

    As mentioned in my Art of 2018 post, I have so many opinions to share, so do read on as I go on at length, lol! My review of Minimalism at ArtScience Museum will be coming up soon in a separate post.

    | Cover picture: Peter Kennedy, Neon Light Installations, 1970-2002, neon, composition board and synthetic polymer paint |

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    Singapore Art Week | On the Bicentennial

    January is the time when Singapore Art Week rolls around, and it’s also what I call Singapore’s ‘art month’ with all of the art exhibitions on show throughout the month (similar to how Hong Kong art week/month falls in March)! This year has been especially happening from the get-go, with the new S.E.A. Focus art fair, Light to Night and i Light festival all opening around the same time. This year is also a little different, with Light to Night and i Light taking on the theme of the Bicentennial.

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