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    Singapore Art Week | On the Bicentennial

    January is the time when Singapore Art Week rolls around, and it’s also what I call Singapore’s ‘art month’ with all of the art exhibitions on show throughout the month (similar to how Hong Kong art week/month falls in March)! This year has been especially happening from the get-go, with the new S.E.A. Focus art fair, Light to Night and i Light festival all opening around the same time. This year is also a little different, with Light to Night and i Light taking on the theme of the Bicentennial.

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    Art of 2018

    I say this every year but how is it the end of 2018?? I don’t want to leave December as I feel like I don’t want to put 2018 down just yet, but time is moving ahead!

    2018 has been my full year back in Singapore since moving back, and at first, I thought there was less happenings in art here. After a while, things have picked up, but there have been many exhibitions and events that I didn’t choose to post in detail on this blog – lack of time is always a major reason for my lack of updates! So, I thought it would be nice to look back at all of the art exhibitions and events I went to this year!

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    Mondrian Makeover at Teck Whye

    It’s perennially summer in Singapore – with that, I wanted to share about these HDBs (public housing apartments in Singapore) that probably best showcase this summer-y feeling! Blocks 1 to 7 at Teck Whye Avenue have undergone a re-paint following the colour scheme of Piet Mondrian’s Composition with Yellow, Blue and Red. Upon hearing the news, I knew I had to go and check out these Mondrian-design HDBs for myself! Read more…

    teamLab Part II | Elsewhere Around Singapore

    Here we are with the second part of this teamLab series on the blog, dedicated to their shows around Singapore! The previous post was about teamLab’s exhibitions at National Gallery Singapore, while this post features teamLab at other locations around Singapore: ArtScience Museum, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands and National Museum of Singapore.

    I didn’t realise how popular teamLab’s works were until I returned to Singapore and noticed how much teamLab I was encountering in exhibitions or by accident on the street (see: MBS below!) Beyond the whole ‘Instagrammable’ factor, I think there’s something about their immersive ‘room art’ as I call it – should this be a new category of art? ;) – that appeals to our generation today. Another example of  popular ‘room art’ would be Yayoi Kusama’s, am I right?

    | Cover Picture: A Story of the Time When Gods were Everywhere |

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