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The summer exhibition at Harbour City is all about Smurfs this year! To be honest, I’ve never been a part of the Smurfs following but seeing pictures of cute little blue Smurfs all over the mall convinced me to check out the exhibition. ‘We’re All Smurfs!’ was originally to be shown till early August but is now ongoing until 21st August, which gave me ample time to check it out after returning from Singapore!

I’d missed last year’s Where’s Wally? exhibition having spent my whole summer in Singapore, and I was sad to have missed it, but not this time! The main attraction of ‘We’re All Smurfs!’ is located at the big entrance to Harbour City that has been transformed into a “magical Smurf village.” I went on Saturday and there were so, so, so many people but it was very cute to see so many kids having fun! And seriously, Smurfs are so adorable!!

Three little Smurfs giving flowers to pretty Smurfette is pretty much the cutest thing ever!!

And I also love this one of Hefty Smurf holding up a pile of books with Brainy Smurf sitting on them, heh!

Too adorable. <3

I have a bias for Painter Smurf, just because.

The Smurfs exhibition continues inside the mall at the Gateway Corridor (1/F) with eight models made by local miniature artists Tony Lai and Maggie Chan. Each model matches a scene from the comic, and the attention to detail is impeccable. I absolutely love this model of musical Smurfs, because it just takes me back to my band days in secondary school! ;)

Two Smurfs taking photos the old-school way, and a flash even goes off when a photo is “taken”! Love love love!

There’s even more to the “We’re All Smurfs!” exhibition with four models of Smurf mushroom houses that are part of a celebrity charity auction, and “The Smurfs House of Stories” at Gallery by the Harbour (2/F) that features original drawings of the Smurfs comic. No lack of Smurfy things to see at this exhibition that basically allowed me to indulge my kiddy side!

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