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Visions 2050 – Lifestyle and the City

Playing catchup now as the last 2 months have been a blur of classes and assignments I’d just haven’t had the time to blog! Sometimes, I seriously despair of my schedule but I like to say that being busy is a good thing! I just need to craft some time somewhere to blog.

I was curious to hear about the 2015 Hong Kong & Shenzhen Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism \ Architecture with the theme of Visions 2050 – Lifestyle and the City that sounded fresh and innovative. It was held from 11 December 2015 – 28 February 2016 at Kowloon Park. I went to see it in January this year, and I have to say I felt underwhelmed by the exhibits.

On a better note, there was an exhibition (part of the event) at the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre that was pretty interesting. It was mostly photographs of Hong Kong’s architecture with a few model exhibits and a video screening area. There were some photographs I really liked so I wanted to share them here!

(On another note, it was my first time in Kowloon Park and… I didn’t like it. If you’re looking to go to parks in Hong Kong, I would much highly recommend Hong Kong Park in Admiralty instead.)

| Cover picture: Sarah Choi, Hong Kong Legacy, 2014 |


Arnold Yok Fei Wong, Joyce Yan Ting Chan, Carman Ka Man Lee, The Screen 屏風樓

The Chinese title of this piece 屏風樓 literally translates to ‘Screen Towers,’ referring to Hong Kong’s tightly packed buildings that block air flow, sunlight, and views. The superimposition in the image addresses the need for improvements in Hong Kong’s housing conditions.


ROCCO Design Architects Limited, HKSAR Government Headquarters 香港特別行政區政府總部, 2011

This area is so beautiful. The interlocking building structure looks very cool, and that’s Tamar Park in front of it. The Central Western District Promenade is just ahead, and it’s definitely a great place to hang out and slow down in busy Hong Kong.


Aedas, THR350 and Art Community: Revitalisation Project at Mallory Street/Burrows Street, Wan Chai 灣仔茂蘿街/巴路士街「藝術社區」活化項目

I need to see this for myself. THR350 is a nine-storey private residence building in Wan Chai, and its design is inspired by the idea of barren rock and waterfall. Barren rock is portrayed in the straight-lined glass façade of the building while the idea of a waterfall has been transformed into the form of three stacked ice cubes that contains a sculptural staircase.


MTR Corporation, Connecting Communities

And of course, a classic aerial view of Hong Kong. I’m sure any Hong Konger can see which island this is! (It’s Kowloon with a bit of Hong Kong Island peeking in.)

Check out UABBHK’s website here for more.

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