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Light Rose Garden in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Art Week has begun and Hong Kong is at its best in its art with multiple art fairs and art exhibitions that I really want to see! In the midst of all that, I wanted to share photos from last month’s Light Rose Garden. Spring has come but Hong Kong’s version of spring is rainy, dreary weather everyday and fluctuating temperatures. It felt more like spring when 25,000 white roses sprung up here in Hong Kong on Valentine’s Day!

I went twice during the week the roses were here from the 14th – 21st February, the first time in the day on the first day it opened. I gave up after a short while as there were just too many people, it was practically one person to one rose, LOL.

Tried again on another colder night and the experience was so much better! Less people, better crowd control, and of course, that gorgeous glow-in-the-dark LED roses view.

Light Rose Garden is designed by South Korean creative team PANCOM, and was first displayed on the rooftop of Seoul’s Dongdaemun Plaza (동대문 디자인 플라자). The Korean version consisted of 25,550 white roses to celebrate Korea’s 70th Independence Day (365 days X 70 years = 25,550 roses), and has also recently concluded its run at DDP in February. I’d really wanted to visit the DDP Light Roses exhibition for a while now, and DDP itself, and I’m so glad it came to Hong Kong and I didn’t have to miss it!

The roses in Hong Kong were broken up into different sections, so you get different views of the Hong Kong skyline and Chinese New Year displays at different spots of the Light Rose Garden!

You could buy individual white roses in Hong Kong, but they had long sold out before the event even started. I was wondering if you could buy them in Korea, à la what happens in Korean dramas, but it turns out you couldn’t. ;D

She Was Pretty

She Was Pretty, Photo Credit: DDP’s Facebook


The Producers, Photo Credit: DDP’s Facebook

And of course, only in K-dramas would you find so few people at such a gorgeous place and have it all to yourself!

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