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Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong 2015

I’ve been updating a lot about art fairs lately, but this will be my last one for a little while! Affordable Art Fair concluded the spring/summer season of art fairs in Hong Kong, and presented another type of art fair – based on affordability, of course. Talking about Hong Kong makes me miss it dearly, although I am having a great summer here in Singapore! In the meantime, here’s a bit more about art in Hong Kong.

| Cover picture: Ric Tse, Along Victoria Harbour, 2015, archival pigment print, Picture This Gallery |

Affordable Art Fair was held from the 22nd-24th of May (at the beginning of Hong Kong’s dreadful summer) and all of its artworks are priced within HKD$10,000. Affordable Art Fair’s other editions around the world have different set affordable prices according to the local currency.


$10,000 Wall

Affordable Art Fair Hong Kong is done on a smaller scale, compared to Art Central and Art Basel Hong Kong. There are less galleries showcasing their artworks but I found the artworks placed a little too crammed in the gallery booths. I also thought that the wall didactics (with the artwork’s title, artist, and other details) were not well placed because of the already packed walls.


TAG Fine Arts


Gallery Tableau


A Gallery


Christophe Jacrot, Femme Sur Toit Glace, NYC, ARTEMISS BOULDERTON

But then again, I got lazy trying to record the artwork details because I only had my getting-along-in-age iPhone 4S (!!!) that actually died on me while I was still taking photos of artworks. The good thing was that when I went, there wasn’t much of a crowd which I much preferred because I could take my time taking photos! I’m not sure if that’s always the case or if I just went at a good time.



Max Zorn, Stick Together Gallery



Laura Jordan, Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery

I really liked seeing these fun and innovative artworks like Max Zorn’s tape art. Laura Jordan’s cityscape sketches of Singapore and Hong Kong, my two home cities, were of course a highlight for me!


Robert Bradford, My Little Pony, Rebecca Hossack Gallery


Charles Fazzino, Come Fly With Me, decoupage, Bruno Art Group


Calman Shemi, Jazz Notes (Gold), lacquer on aluminium, Bruno Art Group


Donald Macdonald, Dog with 21 Butterflies, oil on canvas, Panter & Hall


Donald Mcdonald, The Mouse, oil on canvas, Panter & Hall

Donald Mcdonald’s works were a surprise as I thought they were a mix of photographs and sketches, but they turned out to be oil paintings! I always love seeing medium-deceiving works and work out how they are actually what they are. ;)


Yuki Matsueda, Be Ready to Run – Super Egg no.2, Be Ready to Run – Super Egg no.5, 2014, ink, cans, PET, 4 Cards – Gold, 2015, 4 Cards, 2014, card, acrylic, wood, PET, This is EXIT Square – White, 2014, acrylic, wood, LED, PET, Super Egg Box – Black, 2013, shell, wood, resin, PET


Yuki Matsueda, Super Egg Box – Black, 2013, shell, wood, resin, PET

I am obsessed with Yuki Matsueda’s works! My favorite is definitely that super egg yolk that could.


Bui Van Hoan, # AA 670, 2015, oil on canvas,


Nemo Jantzen, Mixed Nature, mixed media, Artered Gallery


Xavier Visa, Terrace, oil on canvas, Barnadas Huang



Jimmy Lawlor, Light Reading, acrylic on board, Sol Art Gallery

The artwork that stood out to me on this art wall was of course Jimmy Lawlor’s painting of a girl reading! Something that I think all book lovers can relate to. :)


Dom Pattinson, stencil and mixed media on paper

Dom Pattinson’s work brings to mind street and graffiti artist Banksy’s work, who I learnt about from Instagram!


Jennyfer Stratman, By the sun and the moon you are always with me 4, bronze, steel and gold patina, Mark Jason Gallery

There were quite a number of works dedicated to Hong Kong, which I’ve gathered at the end of this post.


Lam Siong Onn, #4 Cityscape Downtown Hong Kong, 2013, #10 Pottinger Street, 2014, watercolor on paper, Affinity for Art


Lam Siong Onn, #7 Cityscape – Vertical City, 2014, watercolor on paper, Affinity for Art


Harold de Puymorin, Sustainability (Hong Kong), 2014, archival pigment print, Picture This Gallery


Ric Tse, Catch Me If You Can, 2014, Late Night Tram, 2015, Dragon Boat Race, 2014, Along Victoria Harbour, 2015, Mini Bus II, 2014, Taxi Queue, 2014, Bamboo Scaffolding, 2014, archival pigment print, Picture This Gallery



Ho Fan, Blue Lotus Gallery

Ric Tse and Ho Fan are both Hong Kong artists that I discovered while setting up my Pinterest account, and their photographs were among my first few pins! It’s particularly memorable to see the artworks I pinned online in real life.

Ric Tse depicts the everyday life in Hong Kong with Lego soldiers superimposed on photographs of Hong Kong, while Ho Fan records the charm of Hong Kong’s old days in his black and white photography. Similar in medium and subject, but different in lovely ways.

That’s all for Hong Kong art for now, upcoming posts will be on art in Singapore! Stay tuned! :D

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